This might be the best thing you see on the internet today.

Something and the Whatevers aren’t just a local band, they’re a band that loves all things local. That includes other local musicians. On Saturday, they proved their love for #LFK with an outstanding set at Middle of the Map Fest. In the past, we’ve seen them bust out covers of other local bands, including Dean Monkey and the Dropouts and The Sluts. But on Saturday, they introduced a cover of La Guerre’s “Any Other.”

La Guerre makes really beautiful, soothing, and ethereal-sounding music. But on this day, Something and the Whatevers applied everything they know about making loud, obnoxious noises to the song. What erupted was a spunky little pop-punk melody with blasting vocals. It was pretty impressive.

Something and the Whatevers may come off as a goofy little band, but in actuality they’re fairly talented and dynamic. They can tackle any song, add their own flavor, and produce tunes that are catchy as all heck. On this particular cover, you may hear someone screaming at the mic as hard as they can, but he’s actually hitting all those notes perfectly… something we’ve only seen the amazing songstress behind La Guerre do. If anything, this just reinforces what we already knew. La Guerre writes really amazing, perfect, and wonderful songs.

Words and photos by Fally Afani



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