Instead of our usual feature stories, we’ve got a lot of little pieces of information to go over this week.

A new year means new projects and events on the horizon (and a lot of albums dropping). Hembree is one of many dropping new music at the beginning of the year.

Their EP, New Oasis, comes out January 20th. They’ll be celebrating with a release show on January 31st at the Granada with Ebony Tusks, Paper Buffalo, and the Phantastics (if nothing else, go for The Phantastics because they put on one hell of a show).

Radkey got to announce some pretty great news this afternoon. They’ll be playing Coachella this Spring in Indio, California. The massive festival will feature the likes of Jack White, Drake, St. Vincent, Ratatat, and more. You can check out the full lineup (and ticket prices) here.

Stik Figa just released yet another music video (the man is a machine). The man has a flair for producing vibrant and dramatic videos that compliment his alluring numbers. You can check out the video for “Gray Chevette,” directed by Austin Snell, below.

Metalheads, rejoice! Sedlec Ossuary is finally releasing the much-anticipated Harsh Barge. They’ll headlining a completely appealing release show at the Jackpot on the 31st and will be joined by American Ghouls, AmenazaKS, and Eyes of Iolite (we’ve raved about them before). You can RSVP to the event here.



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