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Love and Aggression: After five years, Approach finally unleashes tension-filled album

Nothing Approach has done was ever ill-timed, and his latest album is no exception. Merely, Minutes In A Day [Section2: Antique Mall] is a culmination

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Ghostface Killah brings old school merriment to the Granada

Ghostface Killah / Photo by Fally Afani It might have been the most merriment and joy you’d see at a hip-hop show in Lawrence all
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Listen: Alex Calhoun releases electronic tracks featuring local musicians

If you’ve been looking for electronic acts to listen to in Lawrence, Alex Calhoun is a good artist to start with. The local musician, out

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Stik Figa triumphantly returns to Lawrence with Approach, Barrel Maker

“Today I’m 33!” announced Stik Figa triumphantly at the beginning of his set. The crowd erupted in cheers. This day had been anticipated for a


Local music roundup: January 6th

Instead of our usual feature stories, we’ve got a lot of little pieces of information to go over this week. A new year means new


Watch: Stik Figa releases video for “Tell ‘Em That”

Stik Figa debuted a new music video this week, and it’s just as vibrant and energetic as the song it features. The Kansas-pride-filled rapper, who


Pocket Full of Loud tour rolls through Lawrence

Steddy P & DJ Mahf brought an animated show to the Replay when the Pocket Full of Loud tour rolled through Lawrence Friday evening. The


Photo Gallery: Stik Figa / D/Will / Les Izmore / Motorboater / Atilla

On Saturday, local musician Marty Hillard threw himself a massive, music-filled birthday party at the Jackpot. Stik Figa, D/Will, Les Izmore, Motorboater, and Atilla all


New music video: Stik Figa and D/Will

Man, I love me some Stik Figa. He’s charming as hell, and there’s always something for everyone during his energetic and magnetic live shows. Joshua