It was one of those moments where you just knew a band was about to take off.

The excitement for No Cave’s set at the Replay on Saturday night was heavy. You can definitely hear some of that SeedCo influence in this heavily-anticipated trio. It sounds like if you threw Psychic Heat and Oils in a blender, which makes sense considering two of the musicians played in Oils at one time.

From their howling vocals to endless guitar effects, No Cave is groovy as fuck. The nonstop bass riffs take you out for a turn on the dance floor, and everyone seems happy to follow. The lead guitar wails just as much as the vocals, resulting in a psychedelic-rich ride. This reverb-heavy act is polished, but raw enough to retain street cred.

They’ve got a new EP coming up, which is good because Lawrencians really tend to dig this sound and will demand a lot more out of the band.

Here’s what they sounded like on Saturday (brace yourself for those vocals):

Words and photos by Fally Afani



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