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Wild Eye has one of the prettiest voices in the scene

Ross Williams has one of the prettiest voices in the scene. The local songwriter, who performs as Wild Eye, has up to this point performed

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Review: Wild Eye – “Wild Lies”

by Nathan Cardiff A screech and squeal blend with the strum of “What Do You Say When You Go?” the first track on Wild Lies,


Watch: Wild Eye at Midcoast Takeover

Ross WIlliams seems to be a jack of all trades. We never quite know where he’s going to pop up, even at the SXSW music


Oils takes shape

While Lawrencians spent Valentine’s Day doting on each other, a very affectionate atmosphere was brewing at Love Garden. Oils, the sole band performing that night


Introducing: No Cave

It was one of those moments where you just knew a band was about to take off. The excitement for No Cave’s set at the