CS Luxem is in the midst of a massive tour that spans several weeks across the nation, but he stopped by the Replay on Saturday night for a quick show at home.

He’s been touring with some familiar SeedCo faces. Andrew Frederick and Mark Osman (of Oils) have been joining him for this musical adventure, and on Saturday it was easy to see that the three have been growing tighter and more comfortable as artists working together.

Hot on the heels of his recent (and brilliant) release, June Igloo (you can listen to it here), Luxem filled the Replay with soothing and complicated vocal and guitar loops, weaving a musical tapestry that left a sense of calm and well-being in the audience.

Individually, Luxem, Frederick, and Osman are all outstanding musicians. Together, they are paving new roads for music and composition in Lawrence and beyond. Their intense work in the studio and on the road this summer is merely exercise for greater things to come from the trio. We’re bound to see only the most exquisite of harmonious talent out of these musicians over the next year.



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