by Nathan Cardiff

Katlyn Conroy’s project La Guerre has been brutally honest and emotional in her many releases and live shows over the past couple of years. She doesn’t hold back from saying what she means on The Three, her spooky yet romantic new EP, and sings this truth with a blunt and direct approach (and with the occasional gorgeous symbolism/imagery that she does so well). “Overcoat” replaces percussion with Conroy’s gasp for air; the feeling of losing/missing someone enough that you can’t breathe without them. This idea of cherishing a person like the coat you wear is staggering and in a little under a minute, is one of the best love songs this year. This dependency, conveyed through such a powerful voice, doesn’t come off as hopeless though. Instead it reaffirms the power of this relationship, while also showing how the separation doesn’t tear either of them apart. The longing in the vocals and lyrics make it known how both souls support each other. Wouldn’t you miss that too?

I’ve heard “Lake Ontario” performed live several times; it is one of my favorite La Guerre tracks. Conroy’s range is stunning and as her voice climbs from octave to octave in this swaying tune, it paints a portrait of what a home should feel like. “Wolf” has this sing-along tune/demented carousel keyboard that burrows straight into your brain and Conroy’s harmony is so piercing when she sings “my wasted life” that is tough to not be overwhelmed with how mercilessly honest she can be. The keys almost disappear, while her vocals take the song away with a sweeping and dreamy determination. This holds true for the “The Three” as well. The title track rises and rises till it feels like Conroy’s voice will burst and it shakes you to your core.

La Guerre stays true to its namesake: battling with emotions and internal struggles with love and loneliness and the pleasure we find in others. There’s a safety in these people and places that The Three finds for you, if you can’t find it yourself.

Favorite Tracks: “Lake Ontario” & “Wolf”

by Nathan Cardiff



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