On Friday night, one of Lawrence’s best-kept musical secrets celebrated a birthday the best way he knows how: with an intimate house show. Justin Klaas played to a cozy group of local scenesters in a darling little East Lawrence bungalow. The singer-songwriter generally hits the stage (or in this case, living room) alone, but on this night he invited his close friend to join him for the set. You may recognize drummer John Benda from acclaimed Lawrence rock band Black on Black.

Friday night was a lesson in true spontaneity for these two close friends. The two had recorded Klaas’ latest album What Changed? together, but had yet to perform together. The set was lovely, intimate, and the two played off of each other in the most affectionate of manners. Benda toned down his usual drum performance by limiting his kit to three pieces, while Klaas belted out perfectly-pitched lyrics that melted hearts.

Klaas rewarded the gatherers with many songs off the new album, and even a song he had just written. That number was so new, he had to bust out his iPhone to read the lyrics. That song is apparently going on the next album, proving that Klaas (who we’ve called “a workaholic”) will always find a way to create and share his art.

Enjoy a video of one of the new songs off of What Changed? below:



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