As the temperatures dip lower, it’s time to snuggle in with one of Lawrence’s finest singer/songwriters.

Justin Klaas recently released “Winter Nights,” a new track off of his upcoming album. For now, it’s free (or you can name your own price, if you’re feeling generous). You can expect the EP out as early as next Spring.

The track is heavily saturated with a winter theme, and Klaas says you can expect the same for the rest of the EP. “This EP is very different from what I’ve done before,” says Klaas. “It relies on spontaneity and a kind of carelessness that I’m hoping will give it a more organic sort of rustic feel.”

To record the rest of his songs, he’ll be settling in with just a couple of friends, Justin Rennell on Banjo and Natalie Oliver on backup vocals. Klaas says he wrote the single (posted below) while they were all inebriated. “We just set up my recording equipment and just started making music,” says Klaas. “‘Winter Nights’ was one of those songs. I didn’t change the lyrics at all.” Klaas admits he enjoyed recording a little drunk (but won’t make a habit of it).

In the future, you can expect more instruments in that organic sound Klaas is looking for. But in the meantime, wrap up in a cozy blanket, indulge in the single, and enjoy the company of friends. That’s how Klaas intended it.



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