Lovers of local music are in for a treat this summer. A mini-festival called “Lawrence Field Day Festival” is coming to Downtown Lawrence this July.

Radkey is scheduled to perform
Organizers are hoping to throw a major get-together for the locals, featuring new and upcoming bands in the area (and a few bigger names as well). One of those organizers is Cameron Hawk, of The Dead Girls. Someone approached him about an open date at the Bottleneck, and the idea snowballed from there. “I got a pretty good response from all the bands I was contacting,” says Hawk. “It’s going to be a cool little hometown thing.”
The ACBs are scheduled to perform
With just a couple of months to plan, Hawk had to work quickly. After several conversations with various musicians, he knew one thing was clear– this was going to be a mostly local affair. “I talked to someone who had just moved to Kansas City from Houston, and he was talking about how all the big bands around Dallas and Houston throw festivals fro the little bands so they can get exposure,” says Hawk. “I know so many people that are in these little bands that are starting out, and I was like ‘That’s your first show? That’s impressive.'”
Hawk got to work recruiting the locals. Although the full lineup hasn’t been finalized yet, here’s a look at some of the local acts you can expect to see (more names will be announced later):


The ACBs

Panda Circus
The Sluts

Deco Auto


Busted Open

Stiff Middle Fingers
Many Moods of Dad
Radar Defender

Hawk also hinted at some outdoor activities in an effort to make it “a big Summer party.” “It’s all about giving people who are still around Lawrence something to do,” says Hawk. “It’s a festival for the townies, people who actually live in Lawrence and enjoy it over the Summer.
To check out the festival, head down to the Bottleneck on July 6th and 7th. A pre-party is planned at the Jackpot on the 5th, featuring The 7 Degrees of Stephen Egerton (guitarist for Descendents/ALL) and Drag the River.



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