Quiet Corral did something pretty gosh darn adorable last night. They were playing to a packed (and enthusiastic) Stop Day Eve crowd at the Granada. The crowd was right to be so excited, because the band was recording the show as part of a DVD to be released later. Cameras were in every single corner of that venue.

Garrett Childers, of Quiet Corral

One of the band’s guitar players, Garrett Childers, is one of my favorite people to watch. He’s got a pretty voice and does really well with the backup vocals; and although he stands more to the front and center, his mannerisms onstage are generally pretty reserved and polite.

But that was not the case on Thursday night. For the first time, Quiet Corral (a normally folky band) busted out a Jackson Five cover. Our polite and mild-mannered Garrett was suddenly front and center singing in falsetto and leading the crowd in wild cheers and dancing. It shocked the hell out of everybody; and by the end of the song, fans were chanting “Garrett! Garrett! Garrett!”



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  • rhonda, May 4, 2012 @ 9:37 am

    It is quite adorable and awesome, but that wasn’t the first time Garrett has busted out a Jackson 5 tune. He did it at the MidCoast Takeover fundraiser back in March at Czar.
    I think it should be a regular part of their set!

    Looking forward to seeing the guys tomorrow at String Break, on the lovely Hinz-Eaton farm outside Newton, Kansas. Highly recommened the road trip to anyone that enjoys great music and camping all for an amazing cause!


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