Hello Biplane
Sometimes Hello Biplane is a little too cute for words. Well, now they’ve gone and done it. They’re releasing an adorable Christmas EP on Tuesday night.

The EP will feature three songs, including “Sparkling Lights.” The merry duo, comprised of Braden Young (of The Magentlemen) and Spencer Goertz-Giffen (of The Kinetiks) just released a music video for the song using old movie footage full of holiday cheer (and a few creepy scenes as well).

There are two other songs on the EP, “Splash in the Mud” and “It’s Time for Bed.” Young says the songs are geared towards children. “‘Splash in the Mud’ is about remembering being a child,” says Young. “‘It’s Time for Bed’ is a lullaby for youngsters.”

You can find the Christmas crooners Tuesday night at the Taproom along with Ghiant and Brandon Morsberger.

Check out their other EP below:



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