Getting out to a show in the winter is no picnic. The freezing wind whips at your neck; and you don’t feel like moving to the music when the cold grabs ahold of you. Lucky for us, The Kinetiks know just how to put the fun back into a cold winter’s night.
The new-wave rockers haven’t played too often recently, so the Replay was packed for their performance on Saturday. The night was filled with bouncy tunes and dancing fans. The Kinetiks are surely one of the most playful bands in the area, almost inviting you to skip and hop about the stage with them. The band bleeds merriment and fun, and that same enthusiasm was reciprocated by their audience.

The Kinetiks
When looking at the band’s two frontwomen, one can’t help but feel a sense of “girl power,” sans all the nauseating traits that come along with that phrase. Rani Waugh, perched upon her keyboards, spits out cheerful hoopla with her boisterous musicianship and those expressive eyes; and Spencer Goertz-Giffen may very well be the best female guitar player in Lawrence.
The Kinetiks
Onstage, Spencer oozes confidence and enough gumption to make anyone jealous. She has no problem switching back and forth between her spunky personality and her poised crooning. One moment she’s hunched over, rocking out on the guitar. The next, she’s at the mic giving you those bedroom eyes while she sings. She’ll get a bit bold with her performance at times, gripping the mic stand and leaning into the audience before rushing to the back of the stage for a guitar solo while flipping her ponytail all over the place.

Spencer was also invited to join The Magentlemen (who opened the show along with Fire Dog) onstage earlier that night.
What I’ve always loved about The Magentlemen is that they are a solid rock band. There are no gimmicks, their music is just spot on. Their songs are complex, and everyone in the band plays an important role. In fact, at one point in the evening I counted up to seven people onstage, and ever yone of them had a license to rock.



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