When I walked into the Replay on Friday night, I wasn’t planning on working. I didn’t want to review a show, I just wanted to have fun. But The Magentlemen impressed me so much, I just had to whip out my camera and show you what they’re made of.

There’s so much to like about this band. Their songwriting is superb, their guitar solos are splendid and it’s nice to hear a solid rock (as opposed to indie rock) band (although some songs tend to have a poppier feel to them). Lead singer Braden Young’s vocals are oh so smooth and pitch perfect, and yet between all that rock comes some beautiful harmonizing from the rest of the band.

I was particularly fond of the faces and little smirks Young would make (I always love a silly rock face). You could tell that deep inside of him was something big waiting to burst out. There’s nothing I like more than seeing someone who actually has fun onstage. Don’t we all deserve a little fun every now and then?

The Magentlemen recently released a new CD, and I hope they’ll spend some time this summer getting more familiar with the Lawrence crowds. I only see great things coming from these guys.



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