Editor’s Note: Chrissy Murderbot is a KC native who now resides in Chicago. He spent years DJing in the Lawrence and Kansas City area. Peter Adany was kind enough to review his new album. It’s time to put on your dancing shoes.

Chicago’s dance music scene is one of the most energized on the planet. As far as American dance music goes, Chicago is the cradle of civilization where styles like Juke, Footwork and of course House originated. The rest of the country merely sips of its concentrated drum machine juices. Meanwhile Chrissy Murderbot, fully licensed Chi-town producer, seems only happy to push the boundaries ever harder.

I’ll caution you now, Women’s Studies is fast, fast, fast. Statistically speaking, in trying to move their limbs fast enough to dance to it about 93% of the population will fail. Oh, but the fun is in the trying. Rubi Dan really hits it off on this album, as does MC ZULU on The Vibe Is So Right. Warrior Queen sounds great on the throwback-styled Under Dress. Overall the album is pared down of indulgences, reveling in the fun of vocals over drums with spritely basslines and just enough catchy synth-work to match.

So in conclusion, as the title at first glance suggests, Women’s Studies brings you some smooth baby-makin’ R&B swangers. Hah. Alright, fine – I did no research at all as to the significance of the album’s name. But I did uncover a new physical constant, the exact ratio by which time now races ahead thanks to Chrissy Mbot: the beats per minute of New Juke Swing to the beats per minute of Poison by Bel Biv Devoe is 1.34 to 1. Don’t hurt yourself now!

– Peter Adany



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