Rob Schulte
Name: Rob Schulte

Band: Robocopter

Book: Y: The Last Man (Brian K. Vaughan)

“So some plague of ‘biblical’ proportions hits the planet, which kills every animal with a Y chromosome except on Male Human and one Male Capuchin monkey.

Its one of my favorites because at some time or another you feel like it’s you against the world; and although it may not be as extreme as the story it’s something to relate to.

Also there’s a bunch of blood and explosions and nudity, AND it taught me that Elvis had a twin brother.”

Movie: Wild at heart

“For me it’s a symbol of my individuality, and my belief… in personal freedom.”

Video Game: Crazy Taxi 2 / Portal

“It was Crazy Taxi 2… until I played Portal and Then Portal 2. Crazy Taxi is about driving around town and taking people to their destinations. 2 is set in LA and has some sick jumps. One time I took a group of cheerleaders to the beach in my El Camino. Portal is awesome, everyone should play it.”


“Because I have stairs in my house.”



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