Charles McVey doesn't take too kindly to Christmas
The holidays aren’t for everyone. Nobody understands this more than local garage rockers Ponyboy.
The emotionally unstable duo just released a Christmas song titled “I’m Gonna Kill Myself on Christmas.” The tune may start with your traditional sleigh bells; but true to their gut-wrenching form, the band starts diving into some un-merry lines like “I’m gonna kill myself on Christmas just to spite you,” and “In the hue of colored lights they’ll cry, ‘Why did he have to die?'”

Ponyboy’s lyrics have a history of wrestling with conflict, whether it’s conflict with loved ones or one’s self. This song is no different, and comes in the form of a suicide note.
The problem with Ponyboy is no matter how much you’d like to avoid their uneasy and confrontational lyrics, they’re just so damn charming onstage that you can’t help but enjoy their show.
That same charm is conveyed through the self-made music video for the song, which features frontman Charles McVey exploring all the ways he can kill himself on Christmas. As uncomfortable as it is to watch someone do themselves in, there’s a sassiness and even a little pep in McVey’s performance that keeps you intrigued. You almost even sympathize with him, and by the time the he gets to the final line “Merry Christmas to all and fuck you,” you may even be cheering him on. It’s arguably the best part of the song, and something you’d chant at their live show with your arms in the air.
Here’s to all the grinches out there. Stay golden, Ponyboy.

Editor’s Note: Ponyboy is working with a collective called Midnight Finger. The group has been working diligently to record an EP of raunchy holiday music called “Merry Crassmas,” so keep an eye out for that.



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