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Photo Gallery: Local Musicians on Halloween

Not only did Halloween fall on a Saturday this year, but it also fell on a night where the Royals won and an extra hour


Ponyboy returns from a dark place

“This next one’s called I hate myself and I wanna die.” Ponyboy went away for a little while. We don’t know where they’ve been, but

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Review: Ponyboy. – “Hookups” EP

by Nathan Cardiff Those Ponyboy. men are back it, releasing a brief three track EP featuring covers of Peaches, The Cure, and Joan Jett. Hookups


Photo Gallery: Radkey Release Show with Stiff Middle Fingers / Ponyboy.

In what felt like a preview for Record Store Day (don’t forget to check out your local record store Saturday!) Radkey had a release party

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Album Review: Ponyboy. – “Dick Dick Dick” EP

by Nathan Cardiff In a past life, Charles McVey and I worked together. As a matter of fact, Ponyboy. was just a newborn when we


Fighting fire with fire: Ponyboy chastises violence with gruesome new record

You never quite know what to expect with local hard rockers Ponyboy. One minute they’re baring their sensitive soul through their lyrics, then suddenly they’re


A Not So Merry Christmas, from Ponyboy

The holidays aren’t for everyone. Nobody understands this more than local garage rockers Ponyboy.   The emotionally unstable duo just released a Christmas song titled


On the fringes of society: Lawrence band Ponyboy scores adult film soundtrack

It’s not uncommon to find Charles McVey and David Zey producing some of the Lawrence scene’s loudest (and most gut-wrenching) garage rock at local bars


Harvey Milk lead night of heavy rock at the Jackpot

Wednesday night’s show at the Jackpot was not for the faint at heart. Four very loud bands took the stage, each progressive and aggressive. Ponyboy