-by Fally Afani

Trentemøller at Liberty Hall
On Wednesday night an awestruck crowd watched one of the world’s most well-respected electronic acts deliver an illustrious performance on the Liberty Hall stage.
Anders Trentemøller is an electronic producer from Denmark, but we were lucky enough to find him on tour in the U.S. this year. Well known for his dazzling and bewitching electronic ballads, he’s gaining notoriety for touring with a full band. This made Wednesday night’s performance exquisite.
The show started with an elaborate set. Screens hung everywhere; and soon, fences rose out of the ground. But as the music grew more intense, the fences lowered and divine lighting beamed into the crowd. The beats got faster, and fuzzy-clad ravers who were previously hidden started crawling out of the woodwork.
Trentemøller at Liberty Hall
The light show was simply bedazzling. The show was a treat for the eyes and the ears. It even brought out a collective “Whoa!” from the crowd at one point. The screens projected entrancing images, while the music lured us into another world.
This was dance music for every type of dancer. When the musicians onstage weren’t busy on the synths, they were whipping out maracas, tambourines and other percussion instruments from every corner of the stage. That wasn’t the only manner acoustics were favored over electronics. Trentemøller traveled with a refined vocalist in lieu of recorded samples.
Here was a group of musicians who abandoned recorded noises and had a distinct and magnificent taste for real live music. What a treat! It wasn’t uncommon to see Trentemøller with one hand on a moog synthesizer and another hand banging a cymbal (instead of pushing buttons on a drum machine). That cymbal had chunks missing out of it, so it must’ve had a rough go on this tour. This is the most “live electronic sound” you can get out of a band!
Watch the crowd cheer them on at about 30 seconds in:

Trentemøller at Liberty Hall
Knowing this kind of world class talent was coming, it’s no surprise that we met a fan who drove all the way from Liberal, Kansas, for the show. That’s a six hour haul. The crowd was sparse and small, but the people who were there were hardcore electronic music lovers who dedicated their time and ears to the genre. So even though this was a tiny crowd, they were the most appreciative group I’ve seen in a long time. Some fans even yelled out words of encouragement throughout the set, like “Holy fuck!” and “YES, motherfucka!”I think it’s safe to say we were a little overwhelmed with the sheer radiance of the show. We all got a little Knives Chau for this band.
Trentemøller performs with a live band at Liberty Hall
Even the band members onstage applauded each other during the fun moments. One of the more joyous events to watch was when Trentemøller discovered his guitar player performing with his back to the audience. He marched right over, physically turned him around to face the crowd, gave him a pat on the back and smiled after saying a few words of encouragement. It really felt like the band liked one other and truly enjoyed each other’s company.
I’ve been to several electronic music shows and have spent countless hours studying and listening to the genre, but this may have been the most perfectly arranged electronic show I have ever seen. The crowd was dedicated, the music was overwhelming, and the world-famous musician never stopped smiling because he truly enjoyed his craft (and it showed). For those of us who were there, this graceful show and admirable performer will stay with us forever.



Fally Afani is an award-winning journalist with a career spanning more than 20 years in media. She has worked extensively in radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and more.

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