Well, it appears our good friends with Hospital Ships have decided to throw a little love Lawrence’s way.

On Tuesday the band released their latest album, Lonely Twin. It was an immense effort that spanned more than two years for frontman Jordan Geiger. They’ve been gaining a lot of attention ahead of the record’s release, most notably for NPR’s Song of the Day.

But on Tuesday, in what must’ve been the ultimate way to celebrate the album release, Geiger threw a whole heap of love Lawrence’s way via this article from Spinner. The piece features not one, but TWO videos glorifying what it’s like to be a Lawrencian.

Love Garden is just one of many Lawrence businesses featured in the Galaxies music video
First up is a music video for Galaxies (directed by Rachel Helling), a wonderful song off the album. It features a typical day for Geiger, which includes getting coffee at Lawrence hot spot La Prima Tazza, a sparsely attended show at The Replay and heckling everybody’s favorite record store owner (Kelly) at Love Garden. During the video, which features several local musicians, Geiger also keeps a dummy resembling himself in tow (you may have recently seen that dummy at Love Garden).

See it for yourself:

The publication also asked Geiger to make a personal video about Lawrence. So Geiger set out with a Flip camera, and documented some activities during a random day in Lawrence.

The video starts like any typical day, with Geiger showing off shots of his garden and the area where he lives. Then, it gets a little more interesting. He happened to wander downtown during the day of the art car parade. He saw Matt Pryor (of the Get Up Kids) dressed up as a pirate atop a pirate ship, and he also ran into Drakkar Sauna’s Jeff Stolz (he was also in the Galaxies music video). He asked Jeff what his favorite part about Lawrence was and he replied “This bench right here.” The camera then pans to the bench, where a couple of people are playing a little accordion and banjo music.

Speaking of music, the video also features songs from locals Cowboy Indian Bear and Colony Collapse. What a wonderful way to spread some of the local love around.

The article and videos both paint a wonderful portrait of Lawrence as a fun, eclectic and colorful place. It’s wonderful to see a hard-working musician finally get some positive attention for his work, and it’s even lovelier to see him spread the love around and thank the community that grew him and his music.

To read the article, click here.



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