You can’t help but feel just a little bit gooey inside when watching One More Cheerful Action. Not only do the singer-songwriter duo spit out precious and pleasing ballads, but you might just catch them stealing glances from each other during their set.

The band is comprised of local songwriter extraordinaire Katlyn Conroy (of Cowboy Indian Bear fame) and her beau Chris Waggoner. Together, they perform simple yet catchy-as-hell songs while hiding behind a guitar and tiny (cute as a button) keyboard. It’s a perfect way to start a summer of romance.

You’ll have the chance to catch them at an early Replay patio show on Sunday. They’ll be joined by
Kaia Wilson, Tiger Tot Mitchell and Blondie Brunetti (a personal favorite). So go ahead and crack open that beer after kickball, and enjoy a splendid start to the summer.



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