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Photo Gallery: Koffin Kats / The Rackatees / Dumpstar

The Koffin Kats / Photo by Fally Afani This wasn't a show to sleep on. The Koffin Kats stormed through the Bottleneck on what otherwise
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Photo Gallery: Voice of Addiction / The Rackatees / The Scriveners

It was a good old fashioned punk show at the Replay Friday night when Chicago's Voice of Addiction rolled into town. Spirits were high, as
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Photo Gallery: The Rackatees / Voice of Addiction / Hipshot Killer

It was a night for punk fans as a trio of rough and rowdy bands took over the Replay on Friday. The Rackatees (a favorite
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Watch a bunch of LFK punk rockers cover Ramones for upcoming compilation

In what we can only describe as the LFK version of “We Are The World,” a bunch of local punk rockers crammed into a home


The Rackatees

Genre: Punk Members: Patrick Westerhaus, Korey Austin, Kolin Austin Website: 7" Split w/ Lysolgang by The Rackatees

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Photo Gallery: Radkey / Unforgiven 5 / The Rackatees

Sometimes, Radkey likes to take it back to where it all began. It seems like only yesterday the sibling punk trio were in their teens,
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Photo Gallery: The Queers / Stiff Middle Fingers / Four Arm Shiver / The Rackatees

Crust punks, gutter punks, and classic punks all converged upon the Jackpot for a joyous occasion on Saturday when a stellar lineup hit the stage

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Photo Gallery: The People’s Punk Band / The Rackatees / The Hemorrhoids

“Punch each other nicely!” The singer for The People’s Punk Band had to stop halfway through the band’s set to lay down some rules. If

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Photo Gallery: Bad Religion / OFF! / The Rackatees

Rebel rousers rejoiced on Tuesday evening when punk rock legends hit the stage at Liberty Hall. Bad Religion schooled everyone in the audience while mosh


Red Kate featured on impressive punk roster for Vandals Summer Kamp Fest

It’s a pretty good time to be a punk in Kansas City. Bands are growing and landing shows, a new venue has solidified a home