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Photo Gallery: Screaming Females / Shellshag / The Bad Ideas / Nature Boys

We heard someone refer to Tuesday night’s show at the Riot Room as a “dream lineup,” and they weren’t really far off. Screaming Females blew


SXSW Bound, Night 1: A dramatic night under the lights

The first night of SXSW Bound was certainly an eye-catching affair. Under a bright and glistening light installation on the Jackpot stage, five acts provided


I Heart Local Music’s “SXSW Bound” Festival scheduled for February

Get pumped, I Heart Local Music’s “SXSW Bound” is coming to the Jackpot! The annual, two-day event draws hundreds of attendees every year and helps


Mean Jeans and Kepi Ghoulie bring charisma and fun to KC

If you’d forgotten what fun looked like, the miniBar show on Wednesday was a good place to start. That’s where Mean Jeans stopped with Kepi


Photo Gallery: Vandals Summer Kamp Fest, Day 3

Unlike most festivals, Kamp Fest extended into a Sunday and ran well into the night (and then some). The final and third day of the


Red Kate featured on impressive punk roster for Vandals Summer Kamp Fest

It’s a pretty good time to be a punk in Kansas City. Bands are growing and landing shows, a new venue has solidified a home


Support and collaboration results in spectacular finish for Lawrence Field Day Fest

We’re calling it. This is the best Lawrence Field Day Fest in the history of the event, and quite possibly the best local music event


Celebrating the regional scene: Lawrence Field Day Fest’s new approach

At the end of the month, Downtown Lawrence will become rock and roll heaven when Lawrence Field Day Fest erupts and takes over the scene.

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Review: Red Kate & The Bad Ideas – “Red Kate/The Bad Ideas Split 7-Inch”

by Nathan Cardiff I’m always a fan of collaborations and split albums between excellent artists. Here we get the socially conscious punks of Red Kate


Photo Gallery: 2014 Middle of the Map Fest, Day 2

If the first day of Middle of the Map Fest left your ears ringing, Friday’s lineup turned it up to eleven. The cold weather was