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Arc Flash gearing up for big record release

It looks like Arc Flash is finally releasing an album— and they announced it in the most Arc Flash way possible. They just released a

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Theatrics and surprises erupt at Psychic Heat album release show

Nothing gets on our good side like a band that goes beyond their duties as entertainers to make a night special, and Saturday night’s show

The Top 10 Most Badass Things We Saw From Local Bands in 2015

Earlier this week, we told you about the ballsiest moves we saw from touring bands. It included anything from Mothercoat’s unforgettable Replay set to Viet


Drummer Diligence: Why Mark Osman could be the busiest drummer you know

Never has there been a more admired drummer in the current local music scene than Mark Osman. All the drummers here are top notch, but


Watch: Arc Flash at the Replay

“We’re done being cute!” exclaimed Arc Flash’s bassist, Lewis Guillen. “So now we’re going to be fucked up!” This was about halfway through Arc Flash’s


Oils takes shape

While Lawrencians spent Valentine’s Day doting on each other, a very affectionate atmosphere was brewing at Love Garden. Oils, the sole band performing that night