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Photo Gallery: Bummer / Pinko / MaceMouth

If you're a rocker who woke up on Friday suffering some hearing loss, the Replay's Three-Headed-Thursday special was likely the scene of the crime. That's
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Listen: Macemouth releases new music

Everybody’s favorite rough-housing rockers are finally releasing some recorded music, and they’re starting with the track that made us fall in love with them in



Genre: Rock, PARTYDEATHROCK Members: Josh Hartranft, Mitch Hewlett Website:

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Seven minutes in (punk rock) heaven with Agent

Agent We honestly thought they were joking around when they said “We’re only gonna play for seven minutes.” The scruffy punk rockers in Agent kept
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Half of Westerners started a new band called Mace Mouth, and boy are they rowdy

We really didn’t expect this much rage to come out of a brand new act, but we shouldn’t be that surprised. Half of Westerners (the