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Photo Gallery: TECH N9NE / Krizz Kaliko / Stevie Stone / CES CRU / P. Win

If you want to see a rapper, you go to a hip hop show. If you want to see a rapper with wildly entertaining personality,


Watch: Barrel Maker at the Bottleneck

Barrel Maker is a man of many talents. We highlighted his videography work this week with the new Approach music video, and his past video

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Review: Approach – “Approach Presents: SweetKnuckleJunction Season 2 (The Aikido Bray Suite)”

by Nathan Cardiff After last October’s epic Make-Out With Violence, Approach continued to fire on all cylinders playing eclectic shows ranging from SXSW, to JabberJosh’s


Photo Gallery: Lowercase KANSAS featuring Ebony Tusks / Milkdrop / Young Forest and more

What’s better than a night of dancing to local hip hop and rap? A night of dancing to local hip hop and rap AND free


Super Nerd Night with Ebony Tusks / Dropjaw / Strider / New Suede

Nerds united the Wednesday before Thanksgiving for Super Nerd Night at the Bottleneck. The gamers were treated to an all local hip hop show featuring


The nature of the beast: Approach puts passion into performing

by Nicholas Stahl   During my high school years, every local show was an event. Growing up in the suburbs is not conducive to being

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Jockin’ My Fresh 3 documentary to be released

If you were at this year’s installment of Jockin’ My Fresh, you were treated to some of the best hip hop in the area. The


Photo Gallery: Stik Figa / D/Will / Les Izmore / Motorboater / Atilla

On Saturday, local musician Marty Hillard threw himself a massive, music-filled birthday party at the Jackpot. Stik Figa, D/Will, Les Izmore, Motorboater, and Atilla all


Jockin’ My Fresh delivers high-powered hip hop

When we arrived at the Jackpot on Saturday night for the third installment of Jockin’ My Fresh, the crowd was already in full bloom. Rich


A Visual Presence: Greg Enemy to headline Jockin’ My Fresh 3

Greg Enemy leads a double life. In person, he’s soft-spoken, thoughtful, and fairly reserved. But onstage, he’s a lyrical mastermind and one of the area’s