Greg Enemy
Greg Enemy leads a double life. In person, he’s soft-spoken, thoughtful, and fairly reserved. But onstage, he’s a lyrical mastermind and one of the area’s wittiest rappers.
On Saturday, the Lawrence scene will have a chance to catch up with the proficient poet at the third installment of Jockin’ My Fresh, a yearly local hip hop showcase that will feature the likes of Ebony Tusks, Conchance with Black Johnny Quest, Strider, The Winner’s Circle, and Rich Brown. Greg Enemy’s been knee-deep in several new projects and music videos (including his recent mixtape “Xtra Small”), so fans will have a lot to look forward to on Saturday. “I’ll probably do more songs from my most recent project ‘Extra Small,'” says Enemy. “The bulk of my set will be a lot more new songs.”
A Broader Reach
The Kansas City native makes a point to stay in touch with his audience. He maintains an active web presence thanks to his Twitter and Tumblr accounts, which he says is essential to staying connected with the community. “”That’s pretty much the most readily available way to make your presence known,” says Enemy. “You can reach a lot more people. It just seems like the norm, it’s a prerequisite to be very involved in internet, media.”
One of the ways Enemy chooses to reach more people is by releasing locally-produced music videos. He recently released a video for “Sophisticated Goon Shit,” and has more projects in the works. He stressed that being in the audience’s line of vision is key. “I think a visual presence is really important to try and make something creative in today’s climate,” says Enemy. “It gets exceptionally difficult, but I guess we always try and strive to do that, try to make things creatively, visually.”

Greg Enemy
The Future and Flavor of the Local Scene
You can count on Enemy to be a fan of the local scene, but he may not be the only one. He says there’s opportunity for local hip hop acts to draw some national attention. “I see a lot more people looking toward the local scene, and they’re starting get a lot more presence in different environments,” says Enemy. “As a fan, I would like to see it be able to start to realize what kind of attention it can get, and what kind of pull it can have and try and understand that it can be bigger, if they keep on doing the things that they’re doing.”
Should broader eyes fall on him, Enemy says there’s one thing that will make people take notice. “What sets me apart is my particular perspective,” says Enemy. “The things that I always talk about in my music, things that I always try to portray, are my particular perspective on life… I wouldn’t say I have an overall message I like to get across, I just try to bring our own brand of flavor to the scene.”
To see what kind of flavor Greg Enemy’s bringing, stop by Jockin’ My Fresh 3 at the Jackpot on Saturday.



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