Born Gold brings the rave to Lawrence

On Wednesday night you could have either watched Extreme Midget Wrestling at the Granada, or Born Gold at the Jackpot. But trust me, when it

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Album Review: Say My Name

Editor’s Note: Peter Adany is a local music lover who reviews albums for I Heart Local Music. As a dance-music enthusiast, he was more than


The boys are back in town: Hospital Ships / The Appleseed Cast play homecoming show

Our scenester cup runner over Wednesday night when Hospital Ships and the Appleseed Cast teamed up for a homecoming show at the Replay.   Hospital


Karma Vision releases creepy new music video

So, the new Karma Vision music video is out, and apparently it’s the stuff nightmares are made of. The folks behind Whatever Forever created this


Feel-good fun with The ACBs

Thursday should have had you walking on Cloud 9. The weather was just lovely, and every venue in Lawrence had a first-rate show happening. But


Keeping up the pace: The ACBs / Ghosty team up for Taproom show

Slowing down is not an option for Andrew Connor. The Kansas City musician is currently playing in four bands, and two of them are set


Loud and loving it: Up The Academy / Mouthbreathers deliver explosive set at the Replay

It’s always nice when you walk in on a set not knowing who the band is, and they hook you right away with their incredible


Roughians at The Replay: The Men / JabberJosh / Sick Bros

The Replay was pretty packed and wound up for a Tuesday night, but a night of this much vicious rock warrants a thicker crowd. Hardcore


A head banging block party

On Saturday longtime drinking establishment The Sandbar threw a block party in Downtown Lawrence to celebrate their 22nd birthday. There was something everyone could enjoy


Ad Astra Arkestra records series of living room performances

There’s always been something cozy about Ad Astra Arkestra. As thrilling and bizarre as their performances are, there’s still something familial and good-humored about them.