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Introducing: Damaris

If you want to see the up-and-coming songwriters in town, you’re likely to find them at Kaw Valley Public House. That’s where local songwriter Damaris

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Julia Peterson makes music for the faint of heart

If this time of year in Kansas, like, totally bums you out, don't fret. Just hop in the station wagon, throw on some Julia Peterson,
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The Top Ten Most Badass Things We Saw From Local Bands In 2019

You can’t say 2019 wasn’t without a few surprises! This was a year full of changes. We gained a new venue (hello, Kaw Valley Public

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Roots music rules right now in Lawrence

MAW / Photo by Fally Afani Bluegrass is always in style in Lawrence, but right now bluegrass is really in style. If you live in
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Kaw Valley Public House is where you can get your folk fix

On the heels of the absolutely devastating news of Frank's closing (ow, our hearts!), it's important to remember that if nothing else, North Lawrence is