If this time of year in Kansas, like, totally bums you out, don’t fret. Just hop in the station wagon, throw on some Julia Peterson, and go for a long drive. The sepia-scorched hills of the Kansas winter landscape are perhaps one of the best backdrops for the Lawrence songwriter’s tunes… for she makes beautiful, yet heartbreaking, country songs strictly for the faint of heart.

The country crooner drew the crowded audience at Kaw Valley Public House in with her bittersweet lyrics and gorgeous vocals (she also scored points with the crowd for a reasonable start time!). Perhaps no one will understand the winter fussies quite like Julia. You can go ahead and sulk comfortably in her presence, her songs are like an endearing and comforting pat on the back. Julia’s here for you in song and spirit, thanks to her darn likable onstage personality. She was full of little jokes and one-liners that kept spirits high between the mellow melodies.

You can watch a clip from her Friday set below, and we’d be doing her a disservice if we didn’t mention that she nailed her Old 97’s and Tom Petty covers. Photos from her set with The Roseline after the video.



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