Happy Kansas Day, everyone! Is there anything better than walking amongst the sunflowers, listening to the Meadowlarks sing, and enjoying the beauty of the Flint Hills? We think not! And apparently, we’re not alone. Praise Wheatus! Because several local musicians are so fond of this state, they’ve written songs to profess their love for the beauty of this land. We’ve compiled a list of folk songs you can enjoy from local musicians to help you celebrate this very special holiday.

Kansas City Bear Fighters – “You’re In Kansas”

This might be the most Kansas-ish music video from a local band. Kansas City Bear Fighters are known to regularly pull out “You’re In Kansas” at their live shows. Through a series of cleverly animated sequences, the video covers all the basics and hits the major landmarks. It wouldn’t be a Kansas City Bear Fighters song without a few cheeky jabs at the state, as well.

Alferd Packer Memorial String Band – “Threshing Bee”

Honestly, every single song by the Alferd Packer Memorial String Band is kind of about Kansas, but no song name drops small towns more than “Threshing Bee.” It’s a cooky favorite from Lawrence’s longest-running band, and a fan favorite they still perform at most shows. The band gets extra Sunflower State points for Steve Mason’s guitar head shaped like the state of Kansas.

Tyler Gregory – “Kansas Girl”

An oldie but goodie, this is one of the songs that helped shoot famed busker and country crooner Tyler Gregory to local fame. This is one for the wanderers and the homesick.

Jenna Rae/Unfit Wives – “Here in Kansas”

You really have to be a Kansan to understand what it’s like to choose staying in the state over going anywhere else. Jenna Rae, of Unfit Wives, weaves this tale of heartbreak in her song “Here in Kansas.” Originally released on her solo album (and now performed with Unfit Wives) the “Missouri girl”-turned-Kansan croons “So good luck to you, my dear friend. I hope you visit me, I’ll be here in Kansas.” Don’t fret, the song doesn’t stay sad for long. It picks up speed while she gleefully chants “I’ll be here in Kansas! I’ll be here in Kansas! In the middle of the U.S.A.!” (she gets it)

What are some of your favorite songs about Kansas by local musicians? You can comment below.



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