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Lucas Parker is the James Brown of guitar

We’ve spent a lot of years putting local bands and musicians under the microscope— and we can say, without a doubt, that Lucas Parker is

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Public Enemy took it to the streets at Free State Fest

It may have been the best block party to hit Downtown Lawrence in recent years. The partiest party of the summer began with locals sprinting
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Watch: Hearts of Darkness bring the funk to the Jazzhaus

There’s nothing quite like starting the weekend in Spring. The flowers are finally blooming big bursts of color on the ground and in the trees,

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Photo Gallery: New Year’s Eve with local bands

Lawrence had a pretty stellar lineup of music raging throughout downtown to ring in the new year. We visited three separate venues on New Year’s


Photo Gallery: 2014 Middle of the Map Fest, Day 2

If the first day of Middle of the Map Fest left your ears ringing, Friday’s lineup turned it up to eleven. The cold weather was


Photo Gallery: SXSW 2014

From nationally known acts to local favorites, I Heart Local Music was there to capture it all this year. Acts such as Foster the People


Watch: Hearts of Darkness at the Bottleneck

When Hearts of Darkness bust out one of their unforgettable performances, they do it for you. But more than anything, they do it for themselves.


Photo Gallery: Hearts of Darkness / Ad Astra Arkestra / Cowboy Indian Bear

Ad Astra Arkestra brought a high-energy performance to Davey’s Uptown, but let us calm down our dancing at the end of the night with some