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Unapologetically Fun: Tacocat’s feminist-fueled lineup lights up the Jackpot

Tacocat / Photo by Fally Afani The Jackpot was a great place to be a woman on Saturday night. Seattle’s Tacocat, an act that identifies
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How to smash the patriarchy in rock and roll, according to Vedettes’ Heather Lofflin

In Lawrence Field Day Fest's fourth year, we noticed a dramatic surge in women on the stages of the rock festival. We counted every single

“Always Speak Out.” Wise words from the women of rock and roll

As if it weren’t already hard enough to work as a musician, women have added prejudices working against them. Kesha, Bjork, and Best Coast’s Bethany


The Cave Girls bring feminist fanfare to the Replay

Here’s to the women on top of the world, most of which had to have been at the Replay on Saturday night. The Cave Girls