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Photo Gallery: CHEW at the Replay

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“Always Speak Out.” Wise words from the women of rock and roll

As if it weren’t already hard enough to work as a musician, women have added prejudices working against them. Kesha, Bjork, and Best Coast’s Bethany


Watch: Viet Cong’s drummer plays with broken hand

There really isn’t anything that can hold a band like Viet Cong back. On Wednesday we set out to see them perform at the Pitchfork


Something Worth A Damn: local musician plotting Kid Congo commotion in Lawrence

You could call Ron Miller the busiest musician in Lawrence. Spewing a fountain of endless ideas and talents, the Up the Academy frontman and drummer


Pitch Purrfect: Local Musicians and the Cats They Love

We’ve noticed a trend in the local music scene lately. It seems that most rockers in Lawrence share a common trait. They’re head-over-heels-in-love with their