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Approach takes on the unimaginable grief of losing a parent in new music

There’s a type of grief that most of us are never prepared for, the one that sidelines you on a random day of the week.

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After hiatus, Datura Records releases new music with MilkDrop

Datura Records, the label behind Approach and his wide network of local talent, hasn’t necessarily been laying low over the last year. Rather, the label

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Album Review: Milkdrop – “The Leavenworth Story”

How does one analyze The Leavenworth Story while attempting to do it justice? An epic in social commentary that at one time works on a local

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The best things we saw at the 2017 Lawrence Field Day Fest

Instant Karma! / Photo by Fally Afani Instant Karma Well gosh darnit, aren't these guys just adorable. Instant Karma, out of Kansas City, came off
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Nate Holt releases lush electronic album

You can add this release to the rebirth of electronic music in Lawrence. Etan Tloh, whose name is actually Nate Holt but performs under the

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Photo Gallery: Lawrence Field Day Fest, Day 3

The Bad Ideas / Photo by Fally Afani The fifth year of Field Day Fest ended in a spectacular showing of fanfare, support, and complete
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Review: Osiris-1 – “Souls Of The Dead” Single

The first single off the concept album The XII Gates from Osiris-1 is the instrumental “Souls of the Dead,” a stunner of a track that