The first single off the concept album The XII Gates from Osiris-1 is the instrumental “Souls of the Dead,” a stunner of a track that spends much of its first ninety seconds quietly drawing you in close before hitting full force. Sexy horns, shimmering percussion, and a sleek beat pull at you as the track progresses.

Osiris-1 has explained at length about the concept of The XII Gates (a brief summary: it’s based on the twelve gates of the Egyptian afterlife and the journey a pharaoh takes) and “Souls of the Dead” debuts early into the record. As relaxing as the track is, it’s easy to hear the beginning of what will be a harrowing adventure. “Souls of the Dead” gives us a brief chance to reflect on what we’ve been through before surprising us. For now enjoy what you’ve got (a stellar song) and have faith in Osiris-1 for what’s to come.

by Nathan Cardiff