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Photo Gallery: Concubine / Tokeback Mountain / This Is My Condition

We've been treated to a heavy rock show and a punk show since the Replay fired up indoor nighttime sets again. But on Friday, we
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Black Calvin reunites at the Replay

Two of the most badass musicians we’ve ever covered (and one very badass drummer) blessed us all when they came together to reunite an old


This Is My Condition

Genre: Experimental Members: Craig Comstock Website: None

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Theatrics and surprises erupt at Psychic Heat album release show

Nothing gets on our good side like a band that goes beyond their duties as entertainers to make a night special, and Saturday night’s show

The Musical Madman: This Is My Condition

Craig Comstock might be the only person in town who can get a crowd worked into a frenzy over a series of noises. The musical


Dr. Octor changes it up at the Replay

I’ve enjoyed watching Dr. Octor transform over the past few weeks. The first time I saw them, they were heavy on the acoustic guitar and