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Photo Gallery: Chuck Mead / Truckstop Honeymoon

“Here’s a gospel song for all your heathens out there,” Chuck Mead announced to a crowd full of local heathens before diving into a song


Watch: Gunsafe at the Replay

We ran into a pretty rad folk-punk outfit at the early Replay show on Friday. Gunsafe is fierce and entirely likable. The four-piece features plenty


Watch: Ms. Allison Olassa and Co. at Love Garden

It’s a real treat when Allison Olassa comes out for a show. The musician is a quiet, popular favorite in town, but her appearances are


Watch: Deadman Flats rip it up at the Replay

Lawrence must have been hungry for a hoedown on Friday night. The Replay was packed with a steamy crowd as Deadman Flats ripped into one


Lawrence pizza joint hosts weekly folk jam

Mondays are in no way mundane if you live in Lawrence. Over the last year, Papa Keno’s has been opening the back seating area up


Photo Gallery: Heidi and the Kicking Heels / Hidden Pictures / Electro Foam

by Lillian Wright Smith On the last weekend before the students come back in town and take things to the next level, Heidi and The

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Album Review: Olassa – “I Love You, Come Back To Me”

by Nathan Cardiff “Where will I live when I die?” is the first lyric we hear on Olassa’s EP. Not only is it a dark