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Album Review: Black on Black – “Let’s Get Cynical”

by Nathan Cardiff After the brief feedback subsides at the beginning of the record, we plunge into Black on Black’s newest EP Let’s Get Cynical.


How To Properly Rock the Bottleneck, with Stiff Middle Fingers / Scruffy and the Janitors / Black on Black

Sometimes the biggest mistake you can make is to start beef with a rock band. One rowdy KU fan learned that the hard way. I


Hardcore Heaven: Black On Black brutalizes the Replay

We’ve been looking for something to light a fire under everyone’s butt for a while now, and this is it. Black On Black wowed an


Photo Gallery: Kemosabe / Black on Black

Take a look around you. You’re likely surrounded by a lot of dead things. Dead skin. Wood. Paper. Food. Tiny insects. Leaves on the ground.