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Lawrence’s tribute to ABBA was one for the books

The Bottleneck may have very well been the loudest spot in Lawrence on Friday night. Unfit Wives / Photo by Fally Afani That's where a
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Photo Gallery: Black Belt Eagle Scout / Hikes / Bad Alaskan

Thursday night marked a historic event for White Schoolhouse. The show boasted an all-Native American lineup featuring Black Belt Eagle Scout, Hikes, and Bad Alaskan.
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You can finally listen to Bad Alaskan’s “Strange Fruit” cover online

There’s a reason this is one of Bad Alaskan’s most requested songs at live shows. The solo performer is a synth wizard, with the power

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Watch this super synthy cover of “Strange Fruit” performed in an alley

If you wandered down the alley behind the Social Service League on Friday evening, you would’ve thought you were in a video game. 8-bit-sounding music