There’s a reason this is one of Bad Alaskan’s most requested songs at live shows. The solo performer is a synth wizard, with the power to turn any jazz or blues ballad into a groove.

On their Bandcamp page, Alex Williams dives a little more into the decision behind covering Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit” at her live shows. “Originally when she sang the song, it was always the end of her set, staff in the venue was instructed not to make any transactions. She would sing the song with eyes closed,” Williams says. “Due to that devotional, prayer-like feel, I begin my sets with this song if I’m going to include it. I read somewhere that this song reminded her of her father. It lines up with my thoughts on my own ancestors, from what would have been his time.”

You can listen below, and maybe hear it in person when Bad Alaskan opens for Black Belt Eagle Scout at White Schoolhouse on November 7.



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