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No-Sleep-November: This Month’s Best Bets for Live Music in Lawrence

Did you do it? Did you survive Rocktober?! Good, because here comes No-Sleep-November. Despite November being a calmer month in years past, we seem to

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Locals throw down hard for Replay’s 30th

Mouthbreathers / Photo by Fally Afani Think of the rowdiest school reunion you've been to, and that's about what it felt like. The Replay threw
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Photo Gallery: Mac Sabbath / The Cybertronic Spree / Playboy Manbaby

Mac Sabbath / Photo by Fally Afani No matter how prepared you think you are for a Mac Sabbath show, you're never really prepared enough. This
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The Cosmic Country Ball was a female-led hoot and a holler

Unfit Wives / Photo by Fally Afani If you're wondering who's running the show in the local honky tonk scene, look no further than The
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The Darkness is still one of the greatest rock bands of our generation

The Darkness / Photo by Fally Afani 20 years ago, The Darkness released one of the most exciting rock albums of our generation. On Wednesday
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The Tuesday Concert Series is a Lawrence delight

Yes, sometimes even early in the week, you need to just get out of the house and enjoy a good local show. That’s where the

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“A musical Pompeii”: The Darkness’ Frankie Poullain on 20 years of their detonative rock and roll

There’s a reason I Heart Local Music never misses a show with The Darkness. The British rockers bring a class of rock and roll to

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Photo Gallery: Boris / Melvins / Mr. Phylzzz

It was a rowdy one for the goths, as Boris and Melvins filled The Bottleneck on their co-headlining tour. The sold-out show brought plenty of
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A bunch of local musicians appeared in a music video for a well-known voice actor

Gotta say, this was a pretty big Easter egg for fans of both local music and voice actors (me). A lot of you may not