When Band of Horses rolled through the Uptown in Kansas City on Sunday, it was the final night of their tour. So naturally, they had a laid back (and fairly jovial) demeanor that was a little infectious. The crowd, mostly people in their 40’s and above, caught the happy bug quickly and it was all smiles as far as the eye could see. Despite being crammed into tight seating at a sold out show well past their bedtime, they applauded the unique setup of the concert.

Band of Horses / Photo by Fally Afani

Band of Horses chose to do this tour sans any openers, joined only by some romantic candles scattered across the stage (ooh la la) and what we’ll call some “soft lighting” from the lamps they brought along for some ambiance. It felt more like a cozy living room concert than a sold out show. They played two sets, one acoustic and one electric, divided by a short intermission. This is a dream scenario for any fan of music: to see their favorite band play two sets, bringing an uncommon approach to each one (I mean, WE here at I Heart Local Music love openers, but in reality most people don’t get to the show until the main act). Though, because it’s Band of Horses, it’s easy to know which songs went in the acoustic set (“No One’s Gonna Love You,” “St. Augustine”), and which ones were saved for the livelier electric set (“Is There A Ghost,” “The Funeral”). Cherry on top: an incomparable cover of INXS’s “Never Tear Us Apart” situated in the middle of their electric set (a common cover they touted on tour).

Photos from the night (all from the acoustic set) below.



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