No Joy / Mouthbreathers at the Jackpot

Yesterday may have been Friday the 13th, but it was my lucky day because I got to see two stellar acts at the Jackpot. Mouthbreathers


Hospital Ships takes it to the streets

Local band Hospital Ships have been skyrocketing to fame lately. They’re being featured on several blogs, and were even NPR’s song of the day. They

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Album Review: Nezbeat and Joe Good – Good Hair

If you participate at all in Lawrence night life you’ve seen Jeremy Nesbitt, although he wasn’t hollering at you from a microphone. There’s definitely something


Broken Water / Muscle Worship / Mouthbreathers at the Jackpot

Editor’s note: We loved Nicholas Stahl’s album reviews so much, we decided to let him try reviewing a live event. Here is his first stab


Of Montreal brings costumed commotion to Liberty Hall

-by Fally Afani   On Saturday night when I was walking from my car to the Of Montreal show, I walked by the alley behind

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Sunscreen Dreams: Local musicians anticipate Summer

Editor’s Note: We so very much loved Katlyn Conroy’s previous mixtape that we invited her to contribute on a regular basis. Please enjoy this post

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EP Review: Quiet Corral

Editor’s Note: Local drummer Nicholas Stahl (of Elevator Action and Hospital Ships) approached us begging to review the new Quiet Corral EP. We didn’t stand


Indie rock legends Joan of Arc play alongside local bands at the Jackpot

Editor’s note: local music enthusiast Valerie Skubal headed down to the Jackpot last night to watch Joan of Arc / Air Waves / Muscle Worship


Hospital Ships gets funky with homemade music video

We were delighted like crazy to see this brand new music video pop up on stereogum today. It’s for a track off of Hospital Ships’


The Church of Malt Liquor strikes again….in their underwear

We couldn’t believe our eyes the first time we saw them, but it’s true. There really is a venue in town that is nothing more