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Introducing: Harper K and Giovanni Ventello

One of the best signs that the music scene is in full swing post-pandemic is the emergence of new bands. On Friday night, The Jazzhaus
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PRIDE! and other best bets for live music in June

What a beautiful time to jump back in it! All of Kansas is green, gorgeous, and waiting for you to reclaim your life after laying

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Introducing: The Frightened Stag

It's been a long time (stupid COVID) since we've gotten to introduce a new band to the scene. That dry spell ends today with the
Lawrence City Band / Photo by Fally Afani
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Photo Gallery: The return of Summer City Band Concerts

"The 'A' for the woodwinds and 'B flat' for the brass tells us we are back in business!" The enthusiastic introduction by the City Band
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Photo Gallery: Kaw Tikis / The Harrisonics at the Gaslight

If you're a fan of the Lawrence music scene, it's pretty easy to feel on top of the world these days. That was never more
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Photo Gallery: Cory Phillips packs the Replay for album release show

You would have hardly known that we had just experienced a pandemic, judging by the jovial nature of the Replay on Friday evening. Lawrence had
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Listen: Hannah Norris releases “Will I?”

Hannah Norris has built her brand around exciting performances. The local musician is known for her expert guitar work and powerhouse vocals that tend to

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Lawrence celebrates upcoming FidPick

Have you ever just had one of those perfect Spring evenings? The one where you can feel the students draining out of the town, and

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Lawrence PRIDE shirts now on sale

PRIDE is coming up on June 12th, and you can own a Lawrence PRIDE shirt in time for the BIG event!

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Replay hosts first post-pandemic concert with Cuee and the Royal Chief

One of the most highly anticipated moments of the year erupted in a burst of relief on Saturday when the Replay finally hosted their first