OK, we’re calling it. This is LFK’s song of the Summer.

At just 19 years-old, it’s hard to believe what an incredibly beautiful vocalist SHAH has already become. With a fun and lighthearted beat, SHAH presents us with “Wanna Be,” an unapologetically fun and adventurous ballad about going for it. “Can you blame me for swooping in for the takin’, see what I want, I’m gonna claim it,” he foreshadows before heading into the catchiest chorus to come out of Lawrence this year. We envision entire crowds singing “Wanna be one on one, one on one, one on one,” at the top of their lungs with him at live shows.

We are obsessed with SHAH’s throwback to 90’s R&B with “Wanna Be.” We’re already foaming at the mouth for more.

You can catch SHAH performing with Cuee at PRIDE for the Masses on June 8th at the Granada, and give the song a listen before.



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