Domineko / Photo by Kiara Kaiser
Prolific KC rapper, Domineko, captures a wide range of emotion in his latest release Perfect Weekend. Through well-thought verses and deliberate transitions, this full length release creates an intimate look into this KC rapper’s upbringing, career and relationships. One of the strongest tracks, “Mannequins,” offers a raw reflection of how people exist through contradiction–saying and doing opposing things–and leaving Neko untrusting of the crowd. Boldly stated, the line “everybody listens when it’s already too late” is a glimpse into one of the overarching themes behind the record, which is that genuine support and compassion is lacking in society even in the local scene at times.

This commentary on fakeness people display is a reminder that it’s important not to be quick to glorify but he also presents optimism in the fact that while there may be fakers there are also those who will always have your back. Domineko illustrates what it is to be a rapper today in Kansas City and his release Perfect Weekend needs to be absorbed through multiple listens. It offers a perfect blend of critical reflection and solid vibrations.

Favorite tracks: “Mannequins” and “Viewtiful”



Ray has been going to local shows in Lawrence since high school. When she moved to town for college in 2013, she had the opportunity to become heavily involved with KJHK, the school’s college radio station, as a DJ and various director positions including Station Manager. She is one of the organizers for Girls Rock Lawrence and is getting her Master of Social Welfare.

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