Twangy and salty are the vibes on Rain On My Parade, a split from folkies Sunshine and Kensington Gardens (a project of Lawrence’s Folklore Suburbia). Sunshine starts the split with “All My Fault” and “Gone in a Day.” The former is an ode to self-deprecation and woe. But there’s a sense of humor underneath the lyrics (and a glistening guitar solo in the middle) to bring levity to the misery. The second track is a snake slithering in the tall grass; the guitar dances while the vocals on the chorus slink up and down octaves.

Kensington Gardens half begins with the sneering, but lovey-dovey “Stay Awhile,” which has much more lo-fi sound. Just a jovial guitar and tin-can vocals to give it a very claustrophobic feeling, like standing right in front of your lover. Closer “Danny” is an epic ballad; a campfire song of the truest accord. All four songs will be welcome additions on a hot summer night; balladeers voices sticking in the muggy air.