Bloom / Photo by Fally Afani

Grit and grime are all over the hard rock ’n’ roll of Bloom’s Hot Knives. The slow-burn opener “Everything Golden” starts with a menacing (but lovely) guitar strum before Matt Hammond’s vocals become a howl over electric guitars and a barrage of drums. There’s a classic quality to the band’s approach; like their sound has time traveled from the ‘70s and just showed up to party and/or kick some ass.

The riffs on “Bangin’ Angels” and “Fancy Boots” slay and the guitar solo on “In The Yards” is a ripper. The percussion throughout the album is tough as nails, slowing down only on the grunge ballad “Make Sweet What Is Bitter.” Closer “Julia” breaks into a psych-rock explosion, trailing off as Bloom journeys onward. The band has blended classic aesthetic with their own contemporary twist, giving Hot Knives an undefinable quality. It doesn’t matter when you’re listening to it: it’s still gonna rock.

Favorite Tracks: “Everything Golden” & “Fancy Boots”



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