The Bad Ideas / Photo by Ailecia Ruscin

To celebrate the launch of our quarterly print magazine, I Heart Local Music invited three local acts to the stage for a release party. CS Luxem, The Bad Ideas, and magazine cover star Approach all performed to a delightful crowd at the Jackpot Friday evening on a stage set between cascading walls of flower garlands. The full-color magazine is free to the public and will be available at Love Garden, coffee shops, and venues on the Black Lives Matter solidarity list.

Ailecia Ruscin photographed the night of music and revelry below:


Editor’s note: At the event, we invited Cross Border Network to come out and collect donations to help immigrants make their cases for asylum by supporting legal services and bail. The donations collected helped support RAICES (Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, Inc.) Family Reunification and Bond Fund. You can learn more about Cross Border Network, and how to donate, here.



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